The olive tree and its oil have been one of the basic necessities of life and has been since the beginnings of civilization the main essence of the food of Greece.

The Greek poet, Homer, once described Greece’s olive oil as ‘liquid gold’ and for a long time olive groves were protected.

Over 100 different types of olive trees are cultivated in Greece which thrive in the Greek climate of long hot summers and mild winters with very little frost. The majority of trees yield ‘oil olives’ from which olive oil is extracted. Also, there are a great number of types which are cultivated for eating. The most olives is almond-shaped and ranges in length from about 1⁄2 to 1 inch, olives are beautifully mild and mellow. Not long time ago Greece started produce olive paste, which is made only from black olives. This can be the perfect add for breakfast and making snacks.