Aeolis Cosmetic Line

Natural Skin Care Remedies From The Aegean

Aeolis draws inspiration from the archipelago of the Aegean Sea amongst the charm of wondrous Greek islands.

These sun drenched gems are blessed with flora where their benefits to wellbeing have been known for millennia. The most prominent is the olive tree, treasured as a valuable food source as well as a therapeutic natural remedy that’s packed with valuable nutrients for beautiful looking skin.

Inspired by the charisma of the Aegean Sea, the islands, the sun, the light, the land that nurtured philosophy, science and art. Inspirited by the sacred olive tree, the aromas, the colors, the herbs. Legacies for the body, mind and soul. Aeolis draws on the finest details to capture the essence of natural olive remedies, the bounty of timeless beauty.

Olive Treasures Cosmetic Line

The herbal cosmetics, based on olive and aloe vera are ideal for hydrating the skin body care. These ingredients combined with various natural herbs can give to your skin health and brightness.

Natural herbs are used for various treatments. Their use in cosmetics can be considered as a “skin drug”. Each herb has special healing property and also can offer its own distinctive flavor.

Olivolion Cosmetic LIne

The series Olivolio extract virgin Greek olive as its main component is an ideal range of specialist care products and skin care and hair care. Greek quality natural products for personal care and attention. With lines for face, body, hair, herbs, and a range exclusively for men.

Olio Derm Cosmetic Line

Venus Secrets Cosmetic Line