The national drink of Crete is Tsikoudia (or Tsipouro). This is a strong clear spirit which contains about 40% alcohol. It is distilled from the dregs left after the wine is pressed from the grapes. These dregs are called the wine-must.

The first Greek Tsikoudia was distilled in the 14th century by monks in the province of Macedonia in the Northern Greece, where the drink distillation method spread throughout Greece, mostly,  in poor regions, where people started to produce Tsikoudia.

Raki has a very strong flavor; for non-drinkers, it is perhaps difficult to consume a shot of Tsikoudia. The taste of Tsikoudia is somewhat similar to the Greek ouzo without anise. The taste seems a bit like gin or vodka.  It is said that if you drink good and pure Tsikoudia,  you won't have a hangover the next day.

Tsikoudia can also be flavored with fruit, such as a citrus, pomegranate or with honey and mountain herbs.  It keeps a soft and sweet taste with a small percentage of alcohol, one of the best options to be given as a gift.